It's 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where people are disappearing right off the street but no one is talking about it. Carolina and her mother Josefina are searching for their pregnant daughter/granddaughter, Belén, who has been missing for twelve weeks. When they receive a surprise visit first from a former neighborhood priest who is now stationed at the ESMA (the Navy Mechanics school turned clandestine prison in the middle of the city,) they come up with a plan to try to see Belén one last time. Will it work? Will they be able to save her baby? Will they be able to save themselves?

*Finalist for the 2016 Saroyan/Paul Playwriting Prize for Human Rights
*Winner 2016 Ashland New Plays Festival
*Runner-Up Jane Chambers Playwriting Award
*Finalist for Kitchen Dog Theater's 2016 New Works Festival
*Finalist for the 2016 O'Neill Playwrights Conference
*Winner of Boulder Ensemble Theater Company's Generations Contest
*Finalist for the CTG/Humanitas Playwriting Prize
*Finalist for the 2016 Source Festival



Gabriela is an Argentine concert cellist living in Chicago with her American husband and adjusting to life as a new mom. Life is good - normal life worries - but good, until a visit from two strangers upends everything. This play, about the long and devastating repercussions of Argentina’s military dictatorship from 1976-1983, asks how one goes on after discovering their life is a lie? Does the restoration of truth bring freedom or suffering? Is it possible to integrate two identities into one life? The Abuelas explores these questions as well as the heart’s capacity for forgiveness even in the face of the harshest betrayal.

Written as a companion play to THE MADRES.



You think you know your friends, your neighbors, your spouse, but what happens when you suddenly find out they have a garage full of guns? This new dark comedy explores the complicated issue of gun proliferation when two young liberal couples are forced to confront their assumptions about who should own a gun and why. The time of easy answers regarding this issue is long gone. In the wake of current events, we are all forced to reexamine our strongly held beliefs about gun ownership. Friends With Guns explores the question of what we can compartmentalize…and what we can’t. It examines what happens when guns enter the conversation. It pulls the curtain back on liberals with guns. It asks what happens when suddenly one person in a marriage does a 180 on the gun issue. And it does all of this through a female lens. 

-WINNER of Best Play of the Year, Valley Theatre Awards 2019

-Finalist, National Playwrights Conference, Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, 2018




Winner of the 2011 Blue Ink Award by Chicago's American Blues Theater
Semi-Finalist for the 2010 Princess Grace Award

One out of every 54 homes in America received a foreclosure notice in 2008. Award winning playwright and author of "Love in the Time of Foreclosure," Stephanie Alison Walker, takes audiences on a deeply personal journey through recent history as she shines a light on three out of the millions of stories of loss. A young couple faces eviction from the dream house they stretched to buy; an elderly widow falls prey to a reverse mortgage scheme, and a minister of the prosperity gospel must face the flock shes led astray. American Home takes an unflinching look at the impossible choices people make when faced with losing everything, and, ultimately, celebrates the powerful resilience of community and the human spirit.



Primus Prize 2016 Finalist
O'Neill Playwrights Conference 2013 Semi-Finalist
Princess Grace Award 2008 Finalist

When Melissa receives a mysterious invitation to brunch from her mother after a two-year estrangement, she returns to a home where nothing is as it seems. Fathers lie, friends leave and she herself is failing in the artist’s world she covets- as her mother practices the art of disappearing before her very eyes. The devastating truth she discovers in her parents’ house threatens to tear all of them apart for good. Will Melissa stay and fight for her family? Or will she disappear too?



A vampire comedy about grief.

When Ramona decides to rent out her deceased husband's office to a mysterious stranger, her daughter Ryan rebels. Three women and one imaginary vampire collide in a historic Victorian home with a past of its own, in this play about immortal love, mothers and daughters, and new beginnings.

*This play began as a Heideman Award finalist ten-minute play titled, "Edward Cullen Ruined My Mother's Love Life."



1978. The first two female longshoremen at the Port of Los Angeles are trapped by their male co-workers in the cargo hold of a container ship just as it is heading to Shanghai. As they struggle to survive, 

they are visited by witches, who both help them and test them.

This play is inspired by the first women to work at the Port of Los Angeles as Longshoremen. The play is a work of fiction. The characters and story are a product of the playwright's imagination.

*This is a new play.

*Finalist for Local Theatre Company's New Play Lab 2020

three fittings


Three brides-to-be, one bridal salon, and a million perfect dresses. One bride may have said yes too soon, terrified she's purchased a gown (and perhaps more) that she might, in the end, despise. Another bride believes matching bridesmaid dresses are fascist and would rather end world hunger than register at Tiffany's. And yet another bride reminds us that it is truly not about the dress. Along with the wedding gowns…love, heartbreak, longing, and delusion are on display at a bridal boutique. 

*Three Fittings was produced in 2003 at the Elephant Lab Theatre in Hollywood.

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