Artistic statement


We are all flawed. We are imperfect. We doubt ourselves. We fear what we don’t understand. We are capable of great and terrible things. As human beings, we share these qualities. I want audiences who see my plays to feel seen on a deep and cathartic level. I want them to walk out of the theater seeing something about themselves they haven’t been willing to see before. I want them to be inspired to face the dark edges of themselves and know that they aren’t alone. I want my plays to make people laugh and cry and feel and grow. When I write, I go through this same process. I never strive to write a perfect play (I don’t believe in such things,) but to write a rigorously truthful play that makes people FEEL. I lean into what scares me, I challenge myself to try on a point of view I would never consider before. I call myself out on my own righteousness. I make myself as vulnerable as possible. If I’m not willing to go there in my writing, how can I expect that of our audience? I believe that theater is a conversation between the playwright and the audience and that listening is the most important ingredient. As a playwright, I endeavor to listen without filter in an effort to really hear something I’ve never heard before. And I hope to translate that to my plays and that it feels like truth.