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Pictured (R to L): Katrina Lenk, Catherine McGoohan & Laurie Gazzam

MONICA: I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m spending so much energy fighting against this invisible threat.
SHARON: What threat?
MONICA: The blob. The wedding blob. I don’t want it to devour me.

Set in an upscale bridal shop on Chicago’s North Shore, Three Fittings explores the true meaning of the perfect bridal gown telling the tale of three brides-to-be. The first may have said yes too soon, terrified she’s purchased a gown (and perhaps more) she might, in the end, despise. The second believes matching bridesmaid dresses are fascist and would rather end world hunger than register at Tiffany’s. The third bride-to-be reminds us that it’s truly not about the dress.

9 W or 5 W (with double casting)
A full-length dramedy in 1 act – 71 pages – 1 set

In October of 2004, Three Fittings received its World Premiere in Los Angeles, produced by Walker Kelly Productions under the Los Angeles 99-Seat Equity Waiver Agreement. It ran for six weeks, three performances a week, at the 40-seat Elephant Lab Theatre in L.A.’s Theatre Row.

Director: Johnny Duda
Assistant Director: Cece Tio
Stage Manager: Olivia Killingsworth
Cast: Dawn Balkin, Annie Cerillo, Porter Kelly, Laurie Gazzam, Katrina Lenk, Catherine McGoohan, Mary Beth Pape, Wylie Small and Alisa Weiss

2008 – The Women’s Theatre Project in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

FOUR STARS (Highest Rating.) Along with the wedding gowns—love, longing, heartbreak, and delusion are on display at a bridal boutique in THREE FITTINGS, the excellent new play written by Stephanie Walker and directed by Johnny Duda, currently making its debut at the Elephant Lab Theatre in Hollywood. With the help of a uniformly superb cast, Walker deftly explores various permutations of the mother-daughter dynamic, creating unforgettable characters in three vignettes. In the process, there is poignancy and humor, secrets shared and unshared, and, in the end, the unmistakable desire to see what Ms. Walker comes up with next. This is an enterprise worthy of being mounted off-Broadway.”
– Todd David Schwartz, CBS Radio


Winner of the 2008 South Florida Theatre Festival Audience Favorite Grand Prize