DIRTY a new play by Stephanie Alison Walker
Buenos Aires, 1979. Two women search covertly for Belén, nine months pregnant and one of the many disappeared people in Argentina’s so-called “Dirty War.”
WHEN? June 6th at 6pm

WHERE? Moving Arts 1822 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90027
WHAT? A reading of my newest play written in the month of February as part of the Playwrights Union’s February challenge. The First Peek Festival is the culmination of that challenge. Lots of new and exciting work and it’s FREE. Come see what these L.A. playwrights have created.

HOW? Make a reservation here. The seating is limited, so if you plan on being there, get yourself a reservation for free.

Read about all of the plays and playwrights taking part in the FIRST PEEK FESTIVAL here.

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