photo by Melissa Blue

photo by Melissa Blue

“American Home, Stephanie Alison Walker’s world premiere play at the Fremont Centre Theatre in Pasadena, journeys into the impossible choices and resilience that people have when they’re about to lose everything and shares their heart wrenching yet touching stories in a fearless theatrical experience.” – Rachel Flanagan

During the time that Bob and I were fighting to keep our house out of foreclosure in 2008/2009, I wrote a play called AMERICAN HOME. That play has been given a beautiful production by Little Candle Productions at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena and is closing this weekend. That means you still have four chances left to see it!

If you’d like to know more about the show and what went into writing this play, you can read this lovely piece in the Pasadena Weekly by Bliss Bowen.

I hope you’ll come see the show!


Pictured: Ozioma Akagha & Jono Eiland Photo Credit: Melissa Blue

Pictured: Ozioma Akagha & Jono Eiland Photo Credit: Melissa Blue

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On Monday, February 15th at 8PM a staged reading of my new play American Home will be presented as part of the Living Room Series at The Blank Theatre in Hollywood.


By Stephanie Alison Walker

Directed by John Billingsley


Ray Abruzzo

Ellen Crawford

Bonita Friedericy

Miranda Kent

Kirsten Kollender

Chris L. McKenna

Anthony Montgomery

Carey Peters

When: Monday, February 15 at 8PM

Where: The Blank (2nd Stage Theatre) 6500 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Wilcox)

Cost: free, but they ask $8 suggested donation

American Home is about what happens when Americans lose their foothold in the American Dream. It follows several people in various stages of life losing their homes to foreclosure. It’s about people forced to renegotiate the American Dream, the extremes people go to when faced with losing everything and the resilience of the American spirit.

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