back roads

*Moving Arts production The Car Plays

Directed by Herman Poppe

Starring Helen Slayton Hughes & Mary Beth Pape

the big ride

*World Premiere

14th Annual New York 15 Minute Play Festival

Directed by Mark Karafin

Starring Lauren Blumenfeld & Ashley Springer

*West Coast Premiere

Moving Arts 15th Annual One-Act Festival- “Beginnings & Endings”

Directed by Cece Tio

Starring Nathan Frizzell & America Young

dreaming in castellano

*World Premiere

Moving Arts 14th Annual One Act Festival

Directed by Michael Shutt

Starring Kristin Gedney & Casey Nelson

*International Premiere

Short & Sweet – Sydney, Australia

August 2008

Directed by Angela Kennedy

Starring Wren Bowie & Leon Richardson

the dress

*12th Annual NYC 15-Minute Play Festival

Directed by Johnny Duda

Starring Mary Elizabeth Barret, Porter Kelly, Mary Beth Pape

hollywood hills

*Moving Arts’ The Car Plays

Directed by Paul Nicolai Stein

Starring Kathi Chandler & Jenifer Kingsley

how to feel safe in the suburbs

*previously titled “Operation Safe-Haven”

Finalist for the 2003 Jerome Lawrence One-Act Play Festival

Directed by Susan Lee Johnson

Starring Gregory Franklin & Donna Allen

*EdgeFest 2005 – Los Angeles

Produced by Walker Kelly Productions

Directed by John Quinn

Starring Porter Kelly, Dan Kinsella, Fred Warner

it’s not about the car

*Moving Arts- The Car Plays 2007 & 2009

Directed by Lee Wochner

Starring Elizabeth Harris & Joe Ochman


*10 by 10 in the Triangle – Carrboro ArtsCenter – July 2009

Directed by Gregory Kable

Starring John Boni & Marianne Miller

three fittings

*World Premiere

Walker Kelly Productions- The Elephant Lab Theatre- Los Angeles – Oct. 2003

Directed by Johnny Duda

Starring Dawn Balkin, Porter Kelly, Laurie Lammens, Katrina Lenk, Mary Beth Pape, Wylie Small, Alisa Weiss

*Southeastern Premiere

The Women’s Theatre Project – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – April 2008

Directed by Genie Croft

Starring Sally Bondi, Dania Aguera, Chris Groom and Carol Sussman