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A play a day for 30 days? We call that a Playwright Binge and the next one begins on Monday, March 1. The idea is to make at least one submission a day for the entire month. It doesn’t have to be a different play a day. Just a different submission. For must of us, marketing our work doesn’t come easy. The ‘binge’ community helps!

From the Playwright Binge Yahoo Group site:

This is a group for playwrights interested in period marketing “binges” where they exchange information, meet marketing challenges (like sending out a script a day for 30 days), and report back to the group.

Here are some sample FAQs…

What is the Binge? It’s really two things. First, it’s a Yahoo group that’s turned into a supportive, online community for playwrights, with a focus on marketing and the business end of playwriting.

Secondly, it’s a challenge that the group takes twice a year (starting March 1 and September 1)—to make a submission a day, every day, for 30 days. During the Binge, writers make submissions and then report to the group about what they sent, where, and why. These 30 days end up being a fun way to get a lot of play marketing done, while also exchanging a lot of information and building good habits.

What if I can’t submit every day?
That’s okay. We’re not going to kick you out of the group. Some people just don’t have the time to submit every day and end up clumping instead. Use the Binge however it works best for you. But do join in and start making submissions and sharing what you’re up to.

When did the Binge start? The first Binge started in 2002, when Patrick Gabridge issued the challenge to a dozen or so writers and set up an e-mail list. The group has grown steadily over the years and now has more than 450 playwrights from around the world.

So, if you’re a playwright looking for some motivation and support… check out the Playwright Binge

I’ve never made it to 30 submissions. Not yet. This binge I will. I’m determined. I’ll be sending out my new play AMERICAN HOME as well as a new ten-minute play and my full-length THE ART OF DISAPPEARING. The goal? Productions! Productions! Productions!

One last note. I was introduced to the Binge by the fabulously talented playwright EM Lewis. She has a blog. You should check that out too. It’s called Prayers to Broken Stone.