I am so happy to announce that tickets are officially on sale for the workshop production of my play AMERICAN HOME!

Florence Rainwater is a ninety-year-old widow in Ann Arbor, Michigan who just wants to be in her home with her memories until her last day.
Mike and Dana Washington are a thirty-something couple who thought they would be in their dream home in the hills of Los Angeles forever, or at least until they could trade-up.
Prosperity Preacher Paula never imagined in her wildest dreams that her Florida mega-church would ever be threatened by foreclosure. And Robbie West, Michigan cop, just wants to help people and does not enjoy kicking them out of their homes. 
American Home is about Americans forced to renegotiate the American Dream, the extremes people go to when faced with losing everything and the resilience of the American spirit.



by Stephanie Alison Walker

Directed by Meghan Beals McCarthy

Produced by Concordia University

Oct. 3-5, 10-12 @ 7:30

Oct. 6 & 13 @ 2 PM


Oak Park, IL

click here for tickets


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My award-winning play about the housing crisis will be staged in a reading directed by Meghan Beals McCarthy at Chicago Dramatists in preparation for the workshop production at Concordia University this October.

I’ve been working on another draft of the play and am excited to hear it in front of an audience before diving into rehearsals. The reading is open to the public, so come on by!

When: Monday, August 26 at 8PM
Where: Chicago Dramatists
1105 W. Chicago Avenue

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My ten-minute play Edward Cullen Ruined My Mother’s Love Life

will be premiering at The Source Festival in Washington D.C. starting this Sunday, June 9th.


By Stephanie Walker
Directed by Megan Behm
The only thing scarier to 16 year old Lily than her mother’s obsession with a fictional teenage vampire is getting her drivers license.


For tickets and info: click here

My play is part of the “Afterward” grouping of plays and appears alongside five other fantastic ten-minute plays.

Here is the complete “Afterward” line-up:



Directing Mentor: Eleanor Holdridge
A FRONTIER, AS TOLD BY THE FRONTIER, the full-length play that inspired this grouping, follows a group of children living in an abandoned amusement park, after their world has been dismantled. Each of these 10-Minute Plays looks back on what came before.

By Stephanie Walker
Directed by Megan Behm
The only thing scarier to 16 year old Lily than her mother’s obsession with a fictional teenage vampire is getting her drivers license.

By Stephen Spotswood*
Directed by Renana Fox
A young woman remembers the moment her fractured family ran headlong into a man hoping to save them from the end of the world.

by Alex Broun
Directed by Ali Miller
50 lives. 50 stories. And one red gun.

By Jennifer Barclay
Directed by Megan Behm
Lennox can’t find his wife Gracie in the neighboring burial plot, so he tries to reach her through the crossed wires of the afterlife.

By Christopher Lockheardt
Directed by Ali Miller
A man imagines the past, present and future of a former lover.

By Darin J. Dunston
Directed by Renana Fox
When a team of unruly roller derby girls arrive for the First Annual Riot Grrrl Rally, they discover a boys basketball game in progress;and an unexpected opponent.


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Hollywood Hills


Jenn Swirtz and T. Lynn Mikeska in "Hollywood Hills" by Stephanie Alison Walker - Photo via The Huffington Post

Jenn Swirtz and T. Lynn Mikeska in “Hollywood Hills” by Stephanie Alison Walker – Photo via The Huffington Post

Dialogue Sample


I am pretty, right? I mean, I’m not fishing for complements, I just want to confirm that my perspective is accurate. That I’m pretty, because I’m pretty sure I am. I’m hot, right? I am. I mean, I’m a size two, I’ve got a perfectly symmetrical face and great tits.

Mark always talked about my tits. And they’re real! Not like that stupid bimbo’s. What’s her name, anyway? Cherry? Cherish? You know, just because you book a guest spot on One Tree Hill doesn’t make you a star.

I hate that attitude. I mean, how many people actually watch that show anyway? And did you see her? She was all like expecting everyone at the club to recognize her. So sad.
Drinking Red Bull vodka as if that were still cool.
It’s sad. Someone should really tell her.
I have no idea how Mark could be into her.

And she can’t act. She’s horrible! I can’t even look at her she’s so fucking embarrassingly bad.
How the fuck did she get that part?! It’s not like she’s hot. She’s all soft and puffy and… round.

What does Mark see in her?!


Missy, a Hollywood starlet in the making, and D, a stand-in for Hilary Duff, are drunk, high and lost on their way to an after-party in the Hollywood Hills. Will Missy ever get a satisfying answer to the question, “Am I hot?” Will D ever get to smoke her cigarette? Was that speed bump really just a speed bump?


2 Characters, 2W, 10 minutes





This is one of three “car plays” that playwright Stephanie Alison Walker has written and was originally produced inside an actual car at Los Angeles’ Moving Arts Theatre Company’s critically acclaimed production of The Car Plays.


[The Car Plays: L.A. Stories at Radar L.A. – Moving Arts – June 2011]

[The Car Plays – Los Angeles – Moving Arts – September 2006]



Called “Intense!” and “Morbid” by and “Hilariously dark” by the LA Weekly.


Publication Info

*Published in Best Ten Minute Plays 2008: 2 Actors by Smith & Kraus


An Average Man




On a Starbucks run for his co-workers, an average man is presented with the opportunity to be a hero. Will he leave the task to someone else as always? Or will he confront his fear, save the day and in a moment re-define his entire life? It all happens in a moment. And this moment is his.

2 Characters, 1W, 1M, 8 pages


[Actors Theatre of LouisvilleTHE TENS – Louisville, KY, January 2013]

[Flathead Valley Community College 10-Minute Play Festival Festival/ Kallispel, MT/ May 2010]


[Heideman Award Finalist 2012]



Ramona, a fifty-year-old teenage vampire-lusting widow has a sixteen-year-old pragmatic, classic literature-loving daughter who refuses to learn to drive. Mother and daughter struggle to turn fiction into reality while constantly being haunted by the past in this play about death, immortal love and driving.

Production History

-To premiere at the 2013 Source Theatre Festival in Washington, DC

-Workshopped at Chicago Dramatists as part of the 10-Minute Play Workshop in 2010


-2011 Heideman Award Finalist


The Big Ride


Lauren Blumenfeld & Ashley Springer in the NY production of "The Big Ride" directed by Mark Karafin

Lauren Blumenfeld & Ashley Springer in the NY production of “The Big Ride” directed by Mark Karafin


Dialogue Sample

WOMAN: My friends say I have unreal expectations about people. And I’m terribly naive. I’ll believe anything you tell me. Especially if it’s something I want.


MAN: I love you.


WOMAN: I believe you.



A man and a woman meet on a 500-mile bike ride for charity. It’s a love story on bikes… in reverse.


America Young & Nathan Frizzell in the Moving Arts production of "The Big Ride" in Los Angeles directed by Cece Tio

America Young & Nathan Frizzell in the Moving Arts production of “The Big Ride” in Los Angeles directed by Cece Tio


Production History

The Big Ride was first produced in 2008 in New York City at the American Globe and Turnip Theatre Company’s 14th Annual NYC 15-Minute Play Festival.


Directed by Mark Karafin

Cast: Lauren Blumenfeld as WOMAN and Ashley Springer as MAN


The Big Ride was also produced in Los Angeles in June of 2008 at the Moving Arts One-Act Play Festival


Directed by Cece Tio

Cast: America Young as WOMAN and Nathan Frizzell as MAN



Publication Information

The Big Ride is published online here.


This play is protected by copyright and subject to royalties.


For rights, please contact me at stephawalker at gmail dot com

"The Chocolate Affair" in the virtual world of Second Life

“The Chocolate Affair” in the virtual world of Second Life

Dialogue Sample

BEVERLY: I’ve had way too much sugar.

MR. GOODBAR: Are you okay, Bev?

BEVERLY: I shouldn’t be here.

MR. GOODBAR: You wanted to be alone with us.


MR. GOODBAR: Have another piece of candy.

BEVERLY: I shouldn’t.

MR. GOODBAR: If you can’t eat candy when you’re alone in a seedy motel room, when can you?

Production History

The Chocolate Affair by Stephanie Alison Walker was first produced at Glendale Community College in Glendale, CA as a part of the Motel Chronicles Series on June 6, 2008, directed by Kim Turnbull, with the following cast:

BEVERLY – Mary Claire Garcia
MR. GOODBAR – Chris Beltran
M&M – Nancy Yalley

It has since been produced all over the world including South Africa, Australia, The Philippines, India and the virtual world of Second Life.

Publication Information

The Chocolate Affair is published by Smith & Kraus in
2009: The Best 10-Minute Plays for 2 or More Actors

It is also published in Ten 10-Minute Plays: Volume II by Black Box Press

You can read the complete play here.

This play is protected by copyright and is subject to royalties.

For production rights, please contact me at:

stephawalker at gmail dot com


Three Fittings


Pictured (R to L): Katrina Lenk, Catherine McGoohan & Laurie Gazzam

Pictured (R to L): Katrina Lenk, Catherine McGoohan & Laurie Gazzam


Sample Dialogue

MONICA: I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m spending so much energy fighting against this invisible threat.


SHARON: What threat?


MONICA: The blob. The wedding blob. I don’t want it to devour me.



Set in an upscale bridal shop on Chicago’s North Shore, Three Fittings explores the true meaning of the perfect bridal gown telling the tale of three brides-to-be. The first may have said yes too soon, terrified she’s purchased a gown (and perhaps more) she might, in the end, despise. The second believes matching bridesmaid dresses are fascist and would rather end world hunger than register at Tiffany’s. The third bride-to-be reminds us that it’s truly not about the dress.


A full-length dramedy in 1 act – 71 pages – 1 set


9 W or 5 W (with double casting)


The World Premiere

In October of 2004, Three Fittings received its World Premiere in Los Angeles, produced by Walker Kelly Productions under the Los Angeles 99-Seat Equity Waiver Agreement. It ran for six weeks, three performances a week, at the 40-seat Elephant Lab Theatre in L.A.’s Theatre Row.


Director: Johnny Duda


Assistant Director: Cece Tio


Stage Manager: Olivia Killingsworth


Cast: Dawn Balkin, Annie Cerillo, Porter Kelly, Laurie Gazzam, Katrina Lenk, Catherine McGoohan, Mary Beth Pape, Wylie Small and Alisa Weiss


The production was reviewed by CBS Radio:


FOUR STARS (Highest Rating.)  Along with the wedding gowns—love, longing, heartbreak, and delusion are on display at a bridal boutique in THREE FITTINGS, the excellent new play written by Stephanie Walker and directed by Johnny Duda, currently making its debut at the Elephant Lab Theatre in Hollywood.


With the help of a uniformly superb cast, Walker deftly explores various permutations of the mother-daughter dynamic, creating unforgettable characters in three vignettes. In the process, there is poignancy and humor, secrets shared and unshared, and, in the end, the unmistakable desire to see what Ms. Walker comes up with next.


This is an enterprise worthy of being mounted off-Broadway.”
 Todd David Schwartz, CBS Radio


Southeastern Premiere

2008 – The Women’s Theatre Project in Ft. Lauderdale, FL



-Winner of the 2008 South Florida Theatre Festival Audience Favorite Grand Prize


For more information about Three Fittings or to read the play, please contact me at stephawalker at gmail dot com


“Fierce and troubling… Walker’s play is full of surprises. And it is rooted in the kind of harrowing truths few people want to confront.” – Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“Strong… Disturbing… very human.” – Mark Eleveld, New City

Tom McElroy as Henry, Amanda Powell as Melissa and Joan Kohn as Charolotte | Photo by Anthony Aicardi

Tom McElroy as Henry, Amanda Powell as Melissa and Joan Kohn as Charolotte | Photo by Anthony Aicardi


When Melissa receives a mysterious invitation to brunch from her mother after a two-year estrangement, she returns to a home where nothing is as it seems. Fathers lie, friends leave and she herself is failing in the artist’s world she covets- as her mother practices the art of disappearing before her very eyes. The devastating truth she discovers in her parents’ house threatens to tear all of them apart for good. Will Melissa stay and fight for her family? Or will she disappear too?


A full-length drama in two acts

2 W/ 2 M



Semi-finalist for the 2013 O’Neill Playwrights Conference

-Finalist for the 2008 Princess Grace Award


Production history

World Premiere | 16th Street Theater | Directed by Ann Filmer | January 22 through February 28, 2015 | TICKETS ON SALE NOW
This production is JEFF RECOMMENDED.
About 16th Street Theater 

Past staged readings include:


March 24, 2012Chicago Dramatists – Saturday Series – Chicago

March 2009 – The Blank Theatre – Living Room Series – Los Angeles


For more information about The Art of Disappearing or to read the play, please contact me at stephawalker at gmail dot com

Or download the script through the New Play Exchange here.