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Jenn Swirtz and T. Lynn Mikeska in "Hollywood Hills" by Stephanie Alison Walker in Moving Arts' production of The Car Plays at RADAR LA - Photo via The Huffington Post

I’ve been trying to live vicariously through everyone involved in The Car Plays this year since I can’t be there in person. Since I can’t be Skyped in to the performances (too bad) I have been settling for looking at everyone’s pictures from the event.

However, I haven’t been able to get my hands on a picture of my play Hollywood Hills – directed by Zeke Rettman and starring Jenn Swirtz and T. Lynn Mikeska.

Perhaps it had something to do with last night’s full moon, but somehow Wyatt Closs of The Huffington Post heard my plea. Not only did he call Hollywood Hills a “favorite” (!!) he also included this A-MAZING photo from last night in his story about The Car Plays.

Hipsters by Jason Duplissea was Wyatt’s other favorite.

This is the kind of press I love!

My only complaint? The playwrights were not credited in the piece. Ugh. Is it just me or does that happen a lot? I guess we’ll just have to credit the playwrights here and now. (again… for good measure.)

As you know, Hollywood Hills was written by me (Stephanie Alison Walker) and Hipsters was written by Jason Duplissea who is a Moving Arts company member. Hipsters is directed by Miles Feld and stars Terrence Colby Clemons &  Melanie Minichino. 

Hello, HuffPo writer Wyatt Closs. I’m so glad you liked my play! And thanks for fulfilling my wish to see a production pic… and an awesome one at that!


The Car Plays: Real Drive-In Theater in Downtown LA? – Huffington Post story by Wyatt Closs