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Lauren Blumenfeld & Ashley Springer in the NY production of "The Big Ride" directed by Mark Karafin

WOMAN: My friends say I have unreal expectations about people. And I’m terribly naive. I’ll believe anything you tell me. Especially if it’s something I want.
MAN: I love you.
WOMAN: I believe you.

A man and a woman meet on a 500-mile bike ride for charity. It’s a love story on bikes… in reverse.

The Big Ride was first produced in 2008 in New York City at the American Globe and Turnip Theatre Company’s 14th Annual NYC 15-Minute Play Festival.
Directed by Mark Karafin
Cast: Lauren Blumenfeld as WOMAN and Ashley Springer as MAN

The Big Ride was also produced in Los Angeles in June of 2008 at the Moving Arts One-Act Play Festival
Directed by Cece Tio
Cast: America Young as WOMAN and Nathan Frizzell as MAN


The Big Ride is published online here.

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