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I just found out that my play American Home was a semi-finalist for the 2010 Princess Grace Awards.

Here’s the synopsis for American Home:


A Full-length play in 2 acts- 81 pages/ Drama

18 Characters, 5 women, 3 men

To possess one’s own home, however small, is the hope of every family in our country. That is the American ideal, born of an exquisite sentiment, nurtured by a long national tradition, and proved right by its innumerable practical advantages.” – President Herbert Hoover, 1932

What happens when we fail at achieving that ideal — the possession of one’s own home? What happens when we achieve it only to have it taken away? What is home and why is it so powerfully linked to our success as Americans? These are the questions explored in American Home.

Florence Rainwater is a ninety-year-old widow in Ann Arbor, Michigan who just wants to be in her home with her memories until her last day. Mike and Dana Washington are a thirty-something couple who thought they would be in their dream home in the hills of Los Angeles forever, or at least until they could trade-up. Prosperity Preacher Paula never imagined in her wildest dreams that her Florida mega-church would ever be threatened by foreclosure. And Robbie West, Michigan cop, just wants to help people and does not enjoy kicking them out of their homes.

Playwright Stephanie Alison Walker based American Home on her very own foreclosure story. The first draft was written in the midst of her fight to save her Los Angeles home from foreclosure in 2008/2009.